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About James

I am a photographer and creative director. As a young photographer I cut my teeth in the surf industry, working freelance, shooting predominantly in New England. My work was a mixture of editorial and commercial, featuring unique landscapes and characters in and around the ocean. I worked on a variety of skillsets from sports photography, portraits and even shooting underwater. As the surf and print industry suffered, I transitioned away from a hyper specific role in that space, to a broader specialty of sport. My expansive freelance work lead me to an opportunity with a small start-up called NOBULL. I worked with NOBULL as their lead photographer for 8+ years as they grew into a near billion dollar company. I lead the charge in creating the brands look and feel through our content, creating a gritty and unique style that evolved over the years. I worked on all sides of content creation, from shooting product in studio, to large brand campaigns, events and athlete spotlights. Outside of NOBULL I have worked closely consulting with brands like Levitate, Crooked Wetsuits, Rev’d, as well as several other small businesses and individuals looking to improve the way they create content.

instagram: @jmcgraghan

email: james.mcgraghan@gmail.com

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I have always intended my photography to impact people in a positive way. That is why 20% of the total sales from my website will be donated in equal portion to three different causes, of which I hold in great value:

Breast Cancer Research Fund  -

        - The Cancer Research Institute  -         

- Cpl. Christopher J. Orlando, USMC Memorial Scholarship -

Throughout my life, I have seen cancer impact the lives of many people and many families, including my own. One of my closest friends and fellow surfer, Chris Orlando, passed away alongside of 11 other Marines during a training exercise off the coast of Oahu. Chris was and still is my biggest inspiration to remain both a passionate surfer and photographer.

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