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About James

James McGraghan is a 27 year old surf and adventure photographer based out of Hingham, Massachusetts. His love for dramatic landscapes, unique coastlines and exploring new places has fueled his passion for photography since the day he picked up a camera. In 2011 James left college to pursue a career in freelance photography, and has since then had his work used in a wide variety of publications. In 2017 he started working as a full time photographer for Boston based brand, NOBULL Project.

instagram: @jmcgraghan

email: james.mcgraghan@gmail.com

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I have always intended my photography to impact people in a positive way. That is why 20% of the total sales from my website will be donated in equal portion to three different causes, of which I hold in great value:

Breast Cancer Research Fund  -

        - The Cancer Research Institute  -         

- Cpl. Christopher J. Orlando, USMC Memorial Scholarship -

Throughout my life, I have seen cancer impact the lives of many people and many families, including my own. One of my closest friends and fellow surfer, Chris Orlando, passed away alongside of 11 other Marines during a training exercise off the coast of Oahu. Chris was and still is my biggest inspiration to remain both a passionate surfer and photographer.

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