Frequently Asked Questions

Where were you born?

I was born in Oxford, England! I lived there for 7 years before I moved to the U.S.! I became a citizen when I was 17 and I hold dual citizenship.

What camera gear do you use?

My primary camera is a 5D mark III but I also used a Sony A7 when I'm just running around and don’t want to bring a big camera and lots of lenses. For lenses, I have a variety, from 15mm all the way up to 200mm. In the water I have an SPL Waterhousing that I put my 5d Mark III in and I use either a 15mm fisheye or a 50mm lens.

Favorite place you’ve been to?

Iceland I think might be the most incredible place in terms of jaw-dropping landscapes, and untouched surf. It might not be 85 and sunny everyday there, but I think its somewhere you could spend months exploring and never get bored.

Favorite place to photograph surfing?

Although it lacks in consistent surf, I think New England is one of the most unique coastlines in the U.S. and it’s very hard to get bored traveling our coastline and shooting new waves and new angles. Although I love my go-to spots and I’m always trying to get the “perfect” shot of a particular place, nothing beats finding new waves and capturing them.

How can I buy a photo?

All photos on my website are for sale, and each one will have a little “buy” or “add to cart” button where you can purchase them. If you see a photo on social media of mine that you want printed, or have a custom request, feel free to email me at!

Do you actually surf, or do you just photograph surfing?

I do surf! I think it’s safe to say I do a little bit too much surfing sometimes, and I can forget to actually take photos. If you ask most of my friends I surf with, I would say their biggest frustration is that I don’t take enough photos of them and spend too much time surfing!

Do you only photograph surfing?

Although surfing and nature are my two biggest subjects, I’ve shot an incredibly wide variety of subjects, products, and events.

Can I hire you for a shoot or work with you on a project?

Absolutely! I’m open to most shoots or project ideas depending on my schedule, so feel free to email me at with your ideas and a rough outline and I’d be happy to talk about it! :

Do you have any questions you want answered? Don’t hesitate to ask!

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